Pacific Rim  Solutions


We offer a wide range of enterprise grade strategies. We are dedicated at providing a comprehensive, well designed, supportable solution not just selling you some software..


Our team brings more than a century of expertise to bear on solving problems. We are accomplished in technology and in business, contract & immigration law. We did not hire experts, we are the experts.


Our technique is based on the AGILE process where we tackle the hardest and riskiest parts of the solution first. As most software projects actually fail, we know with each iteration we mitigate more of the risk.

Our forms technology was originally design for a class action lawsuit involving literally thousands of pages of forms. Here, it is used to remove the tedium of entering the same information over and over again. As all our agreements are legally prepared, they are correct. We apply quality control to check values for accuracy and consistency.. Several types of forms including but not limited to….

  • I-9 & W-2 Forms
  • Employee Handbook
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Employment Contract
  • Intellectual Property Agreements

Forms processing is useful in addressing the United States and Immigration Service (USICS) immigration’s long list of forms. Our data model streamlines data entry and ensures data integrity and accuracy. Our AI ensures the best possible formulation before submission.

Matching a candidate with a job description can be a difficult task when you want to go a step beyond key words for skills. Our matching considers the entire resume and the entire job description using a vector space matching approach. We combine LSA, LDA and similar techniques.

Our approach is based on experience in intelligence programs in Army INSCOM, Health and Human Services grant analysis, and public companies like Collexis Holdings Inc. We improved the approach at the Joint Artificial Intelligence Center (JAIC) at the Pentagon to ensure fair and equitable pricing.

Retaining talent is not always easy. The reasons people leave may not be obvious or match with intuition. Our workforce attrition tool uses Artificial Intelligence from The Predictive Analytics Framework to show which employment features influence retention the most before their impact is felt.

Natural language processing will extract the most important information from either your contracts or any company document of any format. Machine learning trains on information examples and then learns what is most important. The Predictive Analytics Framework makes it possible to do the impossible and harvest latent information you have buried in your files.

This same process can be used for data discovery

Secure Communications Server

As a security experts, we assure you that exactly none of communications are actually secure. Our offering supports military grade end-to-end encryption for chat, voice and video without the inherent vulnerabilities of Skype, MS Teams, Signal, Whats App or other clients. The server communication server can run on our infrastructure or Amazon Web Services.

(Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Syria), are subject to strict export control.

Digital Asset Management – more

Most people are familiar with Dropbox and the ability to share files over the web. Dropbox’s license is per person and the price for disk space can get expensive even when hard drive prices are dropping. Our model does not discourage you from giving everyone in your organization an account..

There are clients for Windows, Mac, Linux or even mobile that provide a rich experience. This product, offered on the AWS Marketplace, has enjoyed many thousand of hours of production use.

VPICS – more

We have harnessed computer vision for a number of business applications. We identify people, activities, and defects.

These capabilities serve as a foundation for quality control, timekeeping, security, sport skill refinement, robotic naination, andteam movement coordination.