PRX Solutions currently offers state of the art software development and cloud based services; including an in-house Human Capital Management  stack based on innovative capabilities.

Optimization, automation, horizontal scalabilty, and architecture

Improve your processes:  simplify and streamline how work gets done

Measure and improve productivity:  engage your customers and employees based on facts and data

– Primisworkforce

– Continuous Employee  Engagement Strategy

– Sphere 188

– V-Pics

– Talent Strategy Science

– Predictive Analytics Framework

–  Advanced Computer Vision

Talent Strategy Science

It starts with helping you locate the right candidate using our state-of-the-art search capability based on RRECKTEK’s Predictive Analytics Framework. Advanced linear algebra forms the basis for calculating the intersection between jobs and candidates. Find out more at Talent Strategy Science.

Onboarding made simple.

Onboarding new candidates does not have to be hard when you use our turn-key onboarding process. Candidates complete a single form and all the rest is done automatically behind the scenes. Forms and process are legally compliant with laws and regulations because they were designed and created by attorneys. Either upload your forms, select forms from our library, or a combination of both. Find out more at http://www.primisworkforce.com/

Continuous Employee Engagement Strategy

We might have saved the best for last. Don’t locate and onboard the right people only to lose them. Engaged employees are productive, healthy and more apt to stay and contribute. Again, RRECKTEK’s Predictive Analytics Framework uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to determine the reason people are leaving and then recommends policy changes that targets their concerns. Find out more at http://www.ceesit.com/

A Sphere188

A Sphere188 is a simple way to share files. You can find it available on Amazon Web Services Marketplace. Learn more about it at http://www.sphere188.com